A dream becomes a goal, when action is taken into its achievement.

In my first blog I revealed the location of my dream spot in this world. Dutchels now helps me, to make those dreams come true.

However, I have not been standing alone in this realisation process! I have been very fortunate to find quite a few supporters next to my side: co-dreamers, realists, language purists, business managers, IT-specialists, creative entrepreneurs, etc. It is such a wonderful experience, being among people, who are willing to help others, without any restraint. Napoleon Hill’s quote, which I posted recently on my Facebook Page: “It is literally true you succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed”, is being practised by many and it renders exactly how I also – by means of Dutchels – want to help others to succeed. That is my vision, that is what Dutchels stands for!

© Els van de Weg, March 2013